Getting Pre-Qualified

The strongest offer includes a Prequalification Letter (or better a PreApproval letter) from a lender, along with a bank statement showing proof of downpayment funds.  If your going up against multiple offers or are asking for concessions, it is critical that you demonstrate your ability to close and your eagerness to close.  Nothing says this louder than a offer indicating your financial ability.

Listing Must-Have's and Wants

Hopefully there is a smorgasborg of homes on the market to choose from, each offering a variety of ammenities.  Prioritize what you must have in a home and then list what would make one home more desirable that another.  Think about size, bedrooms, baths, lot, location, schools, taxes, functionality, and...

Determine Location(s)

Don't just limit this to what part of town you would like to live in; but include: what part of a subdivision, which way the home faces, privacy afforded by home, lot contours, views, accessibility to services, and ...

Discuss Construction Materials

Construction materials used to build a home will help indicate how much mainenance $ and time you will need to put into your new home.  Over the last few decades, some materials have improved...some have not; some just should not of been used.  This is one skill that sets me apart from most other Realtors.

Tour Homes

Let's go tour homes!!!  We will tour 4-6 homes a day; touring more just makes them all blend together.  Take notes on the listing sheets I provide and then rank the homes from first to last place.  We'll go out and tour more homes until we find the one that best meets the goals.  Sometimes this means finding homes that are not on the market.

Strategize your offer

An offer should include:

  • A price you're willing to pay, considering the characteristics of the home
  • Include contingencies and notices
  • Outline deadlines and meet them
  • Document receipt and delivery of notices