Selling Homes: Six Essentials


Search for Comparable Home Sales

  • Comparable square footage, bedrooms, baths, style
  • Review finishes (countertops, floors, appliances, carpentry, amenities)
  • Evaluate lot size, location, lot contours, views, privacy, landscaping
  • Check for remodels, outdoor amenities, outbuildings, public utilities 

Who's your competition

Identify what homes are your competition in the real estate market. What sets you apart from them, and vis-a-versa. How many homes are you competing with, what's the demand for your home, what's the supply of similar homes? Determine the expected market time and ways to reduce it.  There are many nuances to selling homes; my real estate services can assist you with understanding them.

What Repairs are required vs. Optional

Depending upon what type of financing your buyer has, will depend upon what type of repairs may be required by their lender.  Additionally, some repairs and cosmetic touches will make your home seller quicker; while others will have little impact and are best saved for negotiation time.

Which way is the Real Estate market going

A lot of factors influence the momentum of the market of selling homes.  Time of year, interest rates, current momentum, stock market, political environment, disasters, war, the unknown, unemployment, news, locale companies opening or shutting down, supply, and demand of real estate.

Reviewing offers

When you get the offer(s) for your real estate, the first question is how likely will it close?  Then, assess price, terms, contingencies, potential snags to closing, and get the buyers background story on the offer you decide to choose. Selling homes is about getting as much information as you can.

Staying on top of Contingencies

Every buyer wants contingencies in the offer to protect their earnest money.  It's important to understand the contingencies, how long the contingencies survive in the transaction, and what steps must be taken to satisfy, remove, reduce, and minimize the impact of the provide escapes for the seller.